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    Madison Going Green – Your source for Green Eco Friendly Living

    Madison Going Green will be your best source of information about everything going green in Madison.  We will provide information and tips on how you can live green.  Being Environmentally Friendly is not just our duty to Mother Earth, but it is the right thing to do.  So, check back frequently as we showcase products and [...]

A Push to Get Medical Facilities to Recycle

Medical waste is a huge problem. Every year medical facilities are throwing out waste that could easily be recycled. Yet, there has not been a huge movement to start recycling and stop piling medical waste in landfills all over the country. No other industry besides the food industry creates as much waste as the medical [...]

Beyond Organic

The term organic was once a desirable word to hear when paired with food produce, healing products and cosmetic items, to name a few combinations. Unfortunately, it has been abused and misused to varying degrees that just about any manufacturer can slap on the label and take advantage of the organic bandwagon. And so, organic [...]

Home Going Green Tips: Installing Energy Efficient Windows

Passive solar energy is one of the best ways to conserve energy in your home. Lest you think that you have to demolish the whole house just to make it part of your house, you have another think coming. Actually, you only need to install energy efficient windows to enjoy the energy and non- energy [...]

Small Steps to Live Green

Many will think that living green involves making many big changes in your lifestyle. We can agree on the changes necessary to start a green lifestyle but we definitely disagree on the big aspect.
You can actually make a positive difference towards environmental protection in your own little way by starting with small steps. To paraphrase [...]

Tax Tips: Save Some Green by Going Green

It is said that there are only three things in life that you can never escape, no matter how hard you try – change, taxes and, finally, death. Well, that being the case, you can always get the better deal off these things than to be frustrated about your lack of control.
Let’s start with the [...]

Greener Swimming Pools

Depending on your perspective, a swimming pool in your home is either a luxury or a necessity in your lifestyle.  For example, if you live in an arid area, it can be a luxury due to the obvious scarcity of water but it can also be a necessity to drive away the oppressive heat. 
When you [...]

Green Mothers Day Gifts

In the United States and in many other countries that has adopted the modern-day tradition, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.  It is a very popular tradition filled with flowers, greeting cards and gifts, which business research has shown to amount to approximately US$5 billion annually. 
No matter how you look at [...]

Reuse vs. Recycle

For most people, the terms “reuse” and “recycle” are one and the same. After all, when you reused the old plastic bottles lying around the garage as small decorative garden pots, you recycled them, too. Strictly speaking, however, the terms have different meanings in the eco-friendly movement. 
Definition of Terms
When you use the term reuse, you [...]

10 Tips + Saving Strategies for a Green Memorial Day

For Americans, red, white, and blue are the colors of Memorial Day that traditionally falls on the last Monday of May.  However, you can make Memorial Day red, white and blue, green things all over you especially during your family gatherings and sporting events, picnics and barbecues. 
Walk to the Sporting Events
Instead of driving the car [...]

Looking at Compact Fluorescent Lamp Bulbs

The increased public awareness of environmental issues has led to a number of unique, “green” products entering the marketplace. One such product is the compact fluorescent lamp (light) bulb. This new light bulb is rapidly replacing the traditional incandescent bulb thanks to its cost and energy saving benefits.
Surprisingly, compact fluorescent lamps are not a new [...]